Carbon Offsetting: The dawn of a new economy

Carbon offsetting is set to be one of the largest global industries, estimated to be worth $3 trillion by 2020, twice the size of the oil industry.

This sector has been quietly growing over the last 10 years and has until now been dominated by large corporations, with very little opportunity for individuals to gain their share of this fast growing market.

This is all about to change, the carbon offsetting industry is set to explode and Ausante is uniquely positioned to help you take advantage.

Ausante empowers people just like you to play your part and make a huge difference in our World. This means you can be part of a revolution, something bigger than you could ever imagine that will not only benefit you and your children, but also the planet and the lives of people less fortunate than yourself.

Ausante is about People Power. As individuals if we do not take action to do something about this now, the situation is only going to get worse. This is why Ausante is the perfect solution; we use the power of people and their networks to start making a difference.

As we grow the Ausante membership and more people offset their carbon emissions, the more trees we plant and contribute towards improving the environment for future generations.
Our goal is to carry out planting, preservation and reforestation operations in many parts of the world.